X Marks the Spot
Voters' Cross
-  one of a series of memorials for the Sunday Times Heritage Project
Wording on the plaque:

March 25 1961

Here, in what was once known as the Plessislaer Arya Samaj Hall, Nelson Mandela made a surprise appearance at the historic All-in-Africa Conference and delivered his first public speech in five years. It was also to be his last as a free man for another 29 years. A bearded Mandela told the 1400 strong delegates, representing 145 social and political organizations, that 'one man, one vote is the key to the future'. He called for economic sanctions against the apartheid government and warned of mass action. It was at this conference that the liberation call, Amandla Ngawethu! (power to the people) became popular.

The quote from Nelson Mandela's speech was the inspiration for the memorial piece shown on ths page, created by sculptor Gert Swart.
Clever play of shadows by the use of cut-outs

Don Guy
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